Patricia, Katie, and Jonathon

Survey of Computers in Elementary Schools (
ICE 234)
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Christy Keeler, Ph.D.

Course Homepage
Course Syllabus
Course Outline


Examples of Exemplary Student Work

Bloom Constructed Assessments
Juliana Jett and Heather Gonzales (Questions/Flyer)
Kassie Glines and Leyla Lazary
Vanessa Venturino and Chad Sonerholm
K-W-L of ISTE NETS Standards
Danielle Ford
Jana Workman
Lesson Plan I and Related Slideshows
Lisa Calvert (Lesson Plan/Slideshow)
Asher Mandel (Slideshow)
Katie Penberthy (Slideshow)
Robin Rouse (Lesson Plan)
Jessica Sampsell (Lesson Plan)
Chad Sonerholm (Slideshow)
Lesson Plan II
Katie Dennison (Reflection)
Emily Emonson
Juliana Jett (Reflection)
Chad Sonerholm
M&M Spreadsheets

Jamie Galgana
Emily Emonson (Lesson Evaluation/Spreadsheet)

Open House Flyers
Denise Araujo
Juliana Jett
Amber Pinney
Jessica Samsell
Eugenia Yao
ePortfolio Designs
Juliana Jett
Leyla Lazary
Cheryl Robinson
Eugenia Yao
Sarah Abtahi
Denise Araujo
Patricia Deitrick
Katie Dennison
Ashley Duffey
Danielle Ford
Mikell Goheen
Amber Pinney
Lindsey Terrett
Eugenia Yao
Software Evaluations and Reflections
Sarah Abtahi
Technology Journey I and Edits
Autumn Gutierrez and Eugenia Yao
Eugenia Yao and Autumn Gutierrez
Leah Lozano and Tayler Andrews
Technology Journey II
Ashley Duffey
Erin Harris
Lindsey Terrett
Katie Warren
Website Evaluations
Juliana Jett (Evaluation Form/Evaluations)
Cheryl Robinson (Evaluation Form)

©2007 Christy Keeler