Patricia, Katie, and Jonathon

Survey of Computers in Elementary Schools (
ICE 234)
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Christy Keeler, Ph.D.

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Training Videos

Microsoft Word

Introduces viewers to basic use of Microsoft Word with a focus on formatting academic papers. It also includes an introduction to tables and bullets.

Covers basic use of the "Track Changes" feature of Microsoft Word.

Drawing in Word
Uses drawing tools within Microsoft Word to create a basic newsletter.

Mail Merging
Couples an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of names and addresses with Microsoft Word to create mailing labels.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Uses Microsoft PowerPoint to instruct on basic slideshow development.

Demonstrates painting/picture tools within Microsoft Powerpoint using graphics from

Microsoft Excel

Uses an elementary-level M&M activity to illustrate spreadsheet features in Microsoft Excel.


Viewers learn basic features of Inspiration enabling them to conceive basic lesson plans.

Introduces vocabulary such as browsers and search engines while demonstrating introductory features of Google.

Web Authoring and Publishing

Design and "Tricks"

Uses Inspiration and tables in Word to conceive webpage and website designs.

Using Appleworks, demonstrates translating graphics from other formats into .jpg format and altering graphic file sizes.


Demonstrates adding files to NetStorage to make them publically viewable over the World Wide Web.


Walks through the development of a new Blogger account.

Introduces the use of Blogger to develop a basic website including a menubar with link to blog-based pages/posts.

Netscape Composer

Introduces Netscape Composer by demonstrating creation of and publishing a basic webpage.

Introduces Netscape Composer by demonstrating creation of  a basic website, including using Transmit to FTP a non-HTML file.

Displays a method of developing templates for use when creating websites with similar page layouts.

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