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A Day in the life of a pilgrim

Friday, November 19th, 2010    1:00pm -3:00pm


Station 1: The Mayflower Experience  

Location:  Room 65A             

Team Leader:   Shauna Harris

Students will experience a simulation of the Mayflower voyage experienced by the 102 passengers and 30 crew members in small, cramped quarters for 66 days. 


Station 2: Pilgrim Games

Location:  50Ős Great room

Team Leader: Jo Platt

Students will learn to play two games that were popular during colonial times: jacks and marbles.


Station 3:  Candle Dipping

Location: Outside the 50-60Ős Great room on the blacktop

Team Leader: Karen Mortimer

            Students will make their own hand-dipped candles in the way that pilgrims did in colonial times.


Station 4: Butter Making

Location:  60Ős Pod Great room

Team Leader:  Amanda Perez

            Students will make their own hand-churned butter using heavy cream. They will taste it with whole wheat bread.


Station 5: Weaving

Location 60Ős Pod Great room

Team Leader: Sonya Ali

            Students will make a potholder using a traditional method of weaving using yarn.


Station 6: Corn Husk Dolls

Location: Outside the 50-60Ős Great room on the blacktop

Team Leader:  Lindsey Sanders

            Students will construct a cornhusk doll using traditional materials and methods.  This was the primary source for dolls in the colonial period. 



Each student will be responsible for a passport, which they must get stamped and write a reflection of each station.  At certain stations, an activity or craft will also be assessed for completion.