Nevada Map Requirements

Prepared by Fourth Grade Teachers at

Heckethorn Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada



o    A well drawn outline of the state of Nevada

o    All surrounding states listed on map

o    Compass Rose

o    Legend

o    Main Interstates (I-15 and I-80)

o    Main Highways (US-95, US-93, etc.)

o    List at least 5 national forests or parks

o    All main rivers and lakes

o    Hoover Dam

o    Nevadas capital and major cities (Examples: Las Vegas, Reno)

o    One unique feature of your choosing (Examples: mines, ghost towns)




   Pick at least one or two things that will make your map stand out amongst the rest.

   Do research in the library and the Internet to research unique things about Nevada such as ghost towns, ski resorts, national landmarks, etc.

   Divide your group into teams so everyone is not working on the same thing.

   Listen to your group leader.

   Do not draw anything on your map without permission from the group or group leader.

   Have fun and please work well together.