Eagle on flag Educating Citizens

Training for teachers in three programs: Project Citizen, Project VOICE, and We the People

Assignments (Citizen, VOICE, We the People)

Project Citizen Assignment

You would like to include the Project Citizen curriculum in your long-term planning for the school year. Convince your principal, team members, or students’ parents that this is a wise decision. Begin by describing the program and the short and long-term benefits to students. Then, support your decision to use the program with research-based data. Finally, you must reference national standards and your local curriculum guide.

Complete this assignment using any of the below formats, or, with instructor approval, choose another format. Feel free to work alone or in pairs.

Interview with the Principal: Prepare an audio or video interview between you and your principal.

Presentation to Team Teachers: Prepare “talking points” you will use during a team teacher meeting and create a professional handout supporting the presentation and including references to resources for additional information.

Open House Presentation: Prepare a slideshow to deliver during Open House for parents. Each slide must contain substantial notes (textual or audio) describing what you will say when the slide is projected.

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